Although all Burmese descended from Wong Mau, and at the time of the first imports to England they also had all the same type, there is now something changed. In America a completely other type Burmese was bred over the years: a squat with a round body and short head. This contrasts with the Burmese of the elegant British type, which has a narrow and long body and somewhat pointed head. According to the British GCCF standard the Burmese is an elegant cat of a unique oriental type, which is characteristic of the breed. Any tendency for Siamese type or the forced appearance of a British Shorthair must be regarded as a mistake. The Burmese is a slim, elegant, well-muscled, compact, short-haired cat with a characteristic strong, round chest and straight back.The legs are slender, the tail is medium and not too thick at the base and ending in a rounded tip.The cat feels heavier than it looks.

The head:

Viewed from the front a short wedge, wide at the cheekbones, without interruption of the jaw line ending in a rounded snout. The crown (dome) is round and the forehead is quite round. In kittens somewhat pinch (a pinched snout) is allowed. Profile: The rounded forehead continues with a clear curve (stop) into a straight nose line. Locking teeth and strong chin.

The ears:

Medium large, wide at the base with rounded tops and pointing slightly forward. The ears are positioned so that the lines of the head from the cheekbone continue.

The eyes:

Large, slightly slanting eyes. The upper eyelid is almond shaped, the lower lid is round. The eyes are placed wide.

The eyecolour:

Every shade yellow of chartreuse to amber, preferably golden eyes, the deeper the colour, the better.

The body:

Medium, well-muscled body with a straight back line. Sturdy round breast.

The paws, feet:

Legs and feet slender and elegant, in good proportion to body. Hind legs slightly longer than the front legs, oval feet.

The tail:

Relatively long tail with a not too broad tail base and slightly tapering set in a rounded top.

The fur:

Short, fine, glossy, satin smooth coat that is lying flat, little undercoat. The coat is free of streaks and spots. In all colours the face and the ears are slightly darker, especially with chocolate and cinnamon. From the back to the belly the coat colour gradually becomes slightly lighter. In kittens the colour develops slowly. The hair to its base becomes gradually lighter in colour, but gives no impression of ticking or smoke. A few scattered white hairs are permissible.


De condition:

Well muscled with a good balance to size, lively and alert.