Kittens born on 13th of december 2008

Mirre en Ice Boy

Nimble Nymph's Baffling Brody, Beer now lives with Ineke and Rob in Laren

Nimble Nymph's Best of Brannoc, Chuck now lives with Hannah in Amsterdam

Nimble Nymph's Booming Briony, Chicky now also lives with Hannah in Amsterdam

Nimble Nymph's Bouncing Briana, Malú now lives with Coritha en Hilda in Amersfoort

Nimble Nymph's Bonfire Bridget, Minoes now lives with Bianca, Pascal en Senna in Oud-Beijerland

Nimble Nymph's Born to be Bryn, now lives in the cattery again, waiting for a golden basket.


These are the litterphoto's of the first 12 weeks. Click on the photo to see the earlier ones. Upper photo: Phèdre with Brannoc, Briana and Bryn. Below: Djavi with Bridget, Briony and Brody.