Kittens born on 20th of June 2012

On June 20th 2012 Phèdre and Hapy have become the proud parents of six kittens: 2 girls and 4 boys, all cream. Parents and kids are GM2-negative.

Pedigree kittens




The crown on this litter: Neocat show 30-09-2012: Best Shorthair litter.

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Nimble Nymph's Frisky Fanndís, Fanndís went to live with Anneke and Hans in Bruchem

Nimble Nymph's Furtive Fjalar, Jigme went together with Tenzin to live with David in Rotterdam

Nimble Nymph's Festive Flóvant, lives with Gonny and Frans in Berkel en Rodenrijs

Nimble Nymph's Fervid Freyja, is now living with Jeanette and Herman in Enschede

Nimble Nymph's Fabled Frode, Tenzin went together with Jigme to live with David in Rotterdam

Nimble Nymph's F-litter