Kittens born on 24th of june 2009

On the 24th of june Phèdre and Lilla Grabo's Acke Appelgren became the parents of 5 kittens! Parents and kittens are GM2-negative.

Pedigree kittens

Click on the photo or the kittenname to see the photo's from birth.

Nimble Nymph's Candid Curro, Sammy now lives with Ann and Ferry in Dronten

Nimble Nymph's Clever Casimiro, Heilan now lives with Ninou, Raymond and Moirah in Hengelo

Nimble Nymph's Charming Charo, Charo stayed in the cattery

Nimble Nymph's Courtly Carmen, Carmen now lives with Henk and Wiljo in Oss.

Nimble Nymph's Cuddly Carlos, Carlos now lived with Ninou, Raymond and Moirah in Hengelo too.

These are the litter photo's. Click on the photo to see the earlier ones.

Nimble Nymph's C-litter 16 weeks old